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Stipend for å studere ved INSEAD

Ønsker du å studere MBA eller Master in Management (MIM) ved INSEAD?

McKinsey og Schibsted gir nå stipend på inntil 250 000 kr årlig til nordmenn som ønsker å studere til MBA eller MIM ved INSEAD. Financial Times rangerte INSEAD #1 MBA globalt i 2021.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Gjennomsnittsalder på 29 år, krever minst 2 års relevant arbeidserfaring. Stipendet søkes på som en del av søknadsprosessen til INSEAD. I tillegg kan man søke ytterligere stipend fra INSEAD Opportunity Foundation Norway (se under). Se mer info og opptakskrav til MBA-programmet.

Master in Management (MIM)

Gjennomsnittsalder på 22 år, krever fullført bachelorgrad. Stipendet søkes på som en del av søknadsprosessen til INSEAD. I tillegg kan man søke ytterligere stipend fra INSEAD Opportunity Foundation Norway (se under). Se mer info om Master in Management-programmet.


McKinsey og Schibsted Scholarship søknadskriterier 

McKinsey og Schibsted gir stipend på inntil 250 000 kr årlig til nordmenn som ønsker å studere til MBA eller MIM ved INSEAD. Kandidater må ha sterke akademiske resultater kombinert med demonstrerte lederegenskaper. Stipendet fordeles mellom en til to kandidater per akademiske år. Norske statsborgere kan søke på stipendet. Kvinnelige kandidater og kandidater med veldokumenterte behov for finansiell støtte vil bli prioritert. Vurderer du å søke INSEAD og ønsker råd på søknadsprosessen, ta gjerne kontakt med INSEAD Alumni Association Norway på

Alle mottakere av McKinsey og Schibsted Scholarship vil bli invitert til lunsj med INSEAD alumni Kristin Skogen Lund (CEO Schibsted) og Fridtjof Lund (Managing Partner McKinsey Norge). 


Stipend fra INSEAD Opportunity Foundation Norway

INSEAD Opportunity Foundation Norway tilbyr stipend til nordmenn som ønsker å studere ved INSEAD (som tillegg eller alternativ til stipendet fra McKinsey og Schibsted), og vil i særlig grad legge vekt på å bidra til å støtte kandidater som ellers ville ha vanskelig for å finansiere sine studier ved INSEAD. Fondet er finansiert av både private aktører og næringslivsaktører for å gi nordmenn muligheten til å finansiere studiene sine ved INSEAD. Ta kontakt med for mer info og søknadskriterier. Det finnes i tillegg en del norske legater (eksempelvis Jansons legat og Ankers legat) som ofte støtter nordmenn finansielt ved opptak ved INSEAD. 


Hvis du ikke planlegger å søke opptak til INSEAD på dette tidspunkt kan et av følgende programmer være relevante for deg: 

McKinsey Business Analyst Program

McKinsey tilbyr et Business Analyst program som gir mulighet til å ta en MBA senere. Se mer info og søknadsprosess for McKinsey Business Analyst Program. 

Schibsted Trainee Program

Schibsteds Management Trainee program tilbyr et variert og spennende lederutviklingsprogram i Schibsted. Se mer info og søknadsprosess for Schibsted Management Trainee Program.

What Norwegian alumni say about INSEAD

Kristin Skogen Lund
MBA'92J, CEO at Schibsted

I chose INSEAD because it was European (I did my undergraduate degree in the US), international and highly competitive. I also liked that it was structured as an intense 1-year programme. I learnt a tremendous amount from working intensively with very competent and competitive students at INSEAD. It was tough, but I really grew personally and it changed my ability to solve challenges and get ahead. INSEAD is very much a "work hard, play hard" place - we had so much fun, and I still stay closely in touch with my many international INSEAD friends.


Helge Lund
MBA'91J, Chair of BP and Chair of Novo Nordisk

INSEAD was always my first choice due to its truly global profile and excellent academic reputation. I enjoyed working and living with people from all over the world and with very different private and professional backgrounds. I think the INSEAD experience gave me a broader perspective on important business, organisational and societal issues. In addition, I believe it improved my ability to work and deliver in multicultural teams. I really enjoyed the year at INSEAD and would have liked to do it again!


Maria Borge Andreassen
MBA'10D, Chief Commercial Officer at Jernia

When I was a consultant at McKinsey, I wanted to pursue a 1-year MBA to develop in all areas of business and leadership. In particular, I was looking for new perspectives on how to adapt to different settings and cultures. INSEAD was my top choice because of the international environment with more than 90 nationalities in a class of 500 and the world-wide alumni association. INSEAD offers deep business knowledge together with practical skills of teamwork and leadership. The fun part is that this is taught not only through theory but also with real-world examples, discussions and teamwork. Looking back, it was the year I developed the most, both academically and personally. I learnt how to effectively share my knowledge and thinking and develop strong long-term relationships. INSEAD was truly an international experience and it gave me the privilege to have friends all over the world. Most importantly, INSEAD gave me a better way to view the world and expand my horizons.


Frithjof Norman Lund
MBA'08J, Senior Partner and Managing Partner Norway
at McKinsey & Co

At INSEAD, I explored completely new disciplines as my prior education was a Master's Degree in Law from The University of Oslo. It was a truly stimulating environment with fantastic people from around the world, and I made friends for life.


Birger Magnus
MBA'84D, Startup Investor, Chair of Oda, NRK, XENETA, Norsk Klimastiftelse og Holmenkollen Skifestival, former deputy CEO at Schibsted

INSEAD was for me an intense and inspiring learning period: I acquired new functional skills, better business acumen as well as a more international outlook. Working together with different nationalities and personalities in a hectic team environment also helped me understand more about other cultures as well as learning more about myself. INSEAD is also an intensely social experience, which I particularly enjoyed some years later when I accompanied my wife as a spouse (and father for the kids) when she took her MBA.”


Silvija Seres
MBA'03D, Startup Investor and CEO at LØRN.TECH

INSEAD was an extreme experience, both from a professional and social perspective. It is a unique mix of international students and entrepreneurial people. For me, my year at INSEAD was an investment in new life-long relationships and a broadening of my skillset. The INSEAD year triggered a career change for me, from working purely with research in technology to moving into leadership roles and technology on a more strategic level. This has been an amazing journey for me personally. The MBA at INSEAD opened doors to new career opportunities.


Vegard Vik
MBA'10J, Co-founder and CFO of Oda

INSEAD was a truly transformational experience for me personally. Coming with a business degree and consulting background, I felt that a 2-year MBA would be redundant, so I was delighted to join INSEAD for an intense 12 months. With its high-paced academic profile and its generous social life engaging with people from all corners of the world, I was immediately blown away.

It was a place very open to discuss bold ideas, and it fostered an entrepreneurial spirit. In particular through its legendary "Your First Hundred Days" course which puts you in a real-life setting as an entrepreneur and business owner and tests your judgement and problem-solving in unexpected ways. It spurred my interest in entrepreneurship well before it became cool to be a "Founder" in Norway.


Linn Tonsberg
MBA'12D, Managing Director BP Middle East LLC

INSEAD was my top choice because I wanted a truly international experience from a top-tier MBA programme. I believe that diversity fosters the best learning environment and INSEAD was a springboard to my international career. An INSEAD MBA allowed me to change role, function, geography and industry in my career and gave me access to an incredible alumni network across the world.


Birger Steen
MBA'94D, CEO Freyr, Chairman Nordic Semiconductor, former CEO Parallels and WW VP Microsoft

Since graduating from INSEAD, I have worked and lived in Stockholm, Warsaw, Moscow, Seattle, Munich and Oslo. The combination of great friends and a unique global perspective from my year in Fontainebleau has been invaluable to me along the journey.

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