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INSEAD Alumni Association Membership

Thank you for your support of the Norwegian INSEAD alumni association, it exists because of your valued membership, and is the most relevant MBA alumni association in Norway. We have more than 540 alumni, and regular meetings with speakers from both the business and political world.


In addition to supporting the INSEAD alumni community in Norway, you will get access to all alumni events both in Norway and around the world. You will also get access to over 3,000 academic journals, such as Business Week and Fortune, as well as access to INSEAD's new online courses for alumni. For the many benefits of being a member, see this brochure.

How to pay
You can pay your membership by VIPPS.
Simply transfer 750 kr to 20 533 (you can also search for "INSEAD" in the search field)

You may also pay by bank transfer of 750 kr to account number 1503.138.0437 (remember to mark the payment with full name).

The price is 750 kr per year for alumni based in greater Oslo area, and 300 kr per year if your address is outside greater Oslo area.

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