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IN-BOARD Nordic Academy 2024

We are currently in the process of planning IN-BOARD 2024. To get an idea of what to expect, please review the 2023 program provided below. If you have any questions or wish to express your interest, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We will notify you as soon as the 2024 program is finalized and registrations open.

The IN-BOARD Academy aims to strengthen leaders in current and future board roles through the learning and sharing of knowledge and experience.

The IN-BOARD program is an all-encompassing training program consisting of four modules, each of which is scheduled as a long weekend event in each of the months from August to November, designed for board practitioners looking to elevate their knowledge, skills, and overall effectiveness as board members.


The first three modules occur in the Nordics, in collaboration with our esteemed knowledge partners: McKinsey & Company, PwC, Schjødt, First House, and BackerSkeie. Throughout these modules, we delve into a wide range of essential topics from a board perspective, including strategy, corporate governance, legal matters, communication, and HR. These modules are further enhanced by guest speakers with a wealth of board experiences, who will share their insights and real-world case studies.

The fourth module of the program takes place at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, together with other European IN-BOARD cohorts and is led by distinguished professors Erik van de Loo and Jaap Winter. This module consists of sessions that offer a deeper understanding of the human dynamics present within the boardroom and includes personal coaching to assist you with developing yourself as an effective board leader.

The program's modules provide extensive opportunities to build relationships and network with fellow delegates. These opportunities are not limited to workshops and group discussions, as lunches and dinners are also included in the program price, enabling participants to connect and engage with each other in a more informal setting.

Overall, the Nordic IN-BOARD program provides a unique and valuable learning experience that enables board practitioners to excel in their roles, make a positive impact within their organizations, and emerge as more effective leaders.


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Module 1: Legal, Human Resources, and Crisis Management & Communication

Partners: Schjødt, BackerSkeie, First House, and guest speakers

Date and time: Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of August - Starting at 10:30 on Friday and finishing at 13:00 on Saturday 

Location: Oslo, specific location to be announced

Additional: Participation will include tickets to the INSEAD Summer Party 2023 at Vøienvolden Gård on Friday, 25th of August. Enjoy a charming Oslo summer evening with great food, wine, and fellow INSEAD friends and alumni. We will arrange transportation to the venue. 

Workshops include: 

  • Legal with Siv Sandvik, Partner at Schjødt Law

  • Practical Board Work with Jon Erling Tenvik, Partner at BackerSkeie, Executive Search ​​​​

  • Communication in crisis with Per Høiby, CEO of First House, a communications advisory firm for the private and public sectors

  • Birger Magnus, Chairman of NRK (Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting),, and a number of other organizations including those dedicated to health, climate, and the arts. He was earlier Chairman of Storebrand, Statoil Fuel & Retail, Deputy CEO of Schibsted, and a partner at McKinsey

  • Panel discussions with guest speakers to be announced

Module 2: Corporate Governance

Partner: PwC

Date and time: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of September - Starting at 13:00 on Friday and finishing at 13:00 on Saturday 

Location: Pwc office, Oslo

Additional: Lunch and dinner with fellow delegates and workshops leaders after Friday's workshops

Workshops include

  • ESG with Sophie B. Jewett and Erlend Bjørklund

  • Financial reporting with Fredrik Melle

  • Tax with Steinar Hareide

  • Corruption and fraud with Stig Rune Johnsen

  • Cyber security with Margrethe Rønning og Bengt Nyland

Module 3: Strategy and Sustainability

Partners: McKinsey & Company and guest speakers (to be announced)

Date and time: Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of October - Starting at 13:00 on Friday and finishing at 13:00 on Saturday 

Location: McKinsey office, Stockholm

Additional: Lunch and dinner with fellow delegates and workshops leaders after Friday's workshops

Workshops include

  • Strategy with Sverre Fjeldstad, Partner at McKinsey

  • Boards Governance of Disruptions for Long-Term Value Creation with Professor Mats Magnusson and PhD, Board Member Henrik Forzelius

  • Boardroom Creativity with Fennemiek Gommer, Chair, NED, INSEAD IDN Ambassador Netherlands, Anne-Mieke Eggenkamp, Chair NED

  • Boardroom Sustainability & Climate Simulation Workshop

  • AI Leadership for Boards by Fernanda Torre, NED, Teacher Stockholm School of Economics & -Entrepreneurship, CEO Next Agents

  • Board experience sharing with Liselotte Engstam, NED chair, and board director at four listed companies, two private companies, and two NGOs

Module 4: Leadership and Human Factors on the Board

Partner: INSEAD with IN-BOARD groups from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Nordics. Led by professors:

  • Erik van de Loo, Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, where he is Program Co-Director of “Consulting and Coaching for Change” at the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre.

  • Jaap Winter, Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at INSEAD and Professor of Corporate Governance at the Duisenberg school of finance in Amsterdam

Date and time: Two alternatives

  • Group 1 -  30th of November to 2nd of December (welcome dinner on Thursday evening)

  • Group 2 -  1st of December to 3rd of December (welcome dinner on Friday evening)

Location: INSEAD, Fontainebleau 

Additional: Lunch and dinners with fellow delegates and workshops leaders


  • Board Role and Performance, Group and Board Dynamics

  • Board Effectiveness, Authority and Effective Leadership

  • Personal Coaching (incl. 360° feedback) and Leadership Development


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Participation will include tickets to the INSEAD Summer Party 2023 at Vøienvolden Gård, Oslo, on Friday, 25th of August. Enjoy a charming Oslo summer evening with great food, wine, and fellow INSEAD friends and alumni.

We are building a stronger foundation for INSEAD executives who desire to take on greater responsibilities on boards in the Nordics and internationally.

Our aim is to have between 15 to a maximum of 20 delegates per program to maintain an intimate and dedicated learning and networking experience.


Participation fees: 

  • EUR 1,490 for the first 3 modules in the Nordics

  • Additional EUR 4,300 for module 4 at INSEAD. This module is optional but also recommended due to the personal coaching and development that it provides for you to improve your effectiveness on the board

  • Participants may sign up for modules 1 to 3 initially and secure a place in Workshop 4 in the autumn

  • Participants are responsible for personal travel and accommodation costs

  • The IN-BOARD is a non-profit initiative

Registration deadlines: 

  • 31st of July 2024 for Module 1-3

  • 15th of September 2023 for Module 4

  • Limited spaces available

For questions and registration, please contact co-organizers Diego Bergheim and Daniel Haugestad Pedersen by email at We can schedule a time for a phone call to answer questions and provide more information. 

Best regards,

The IN-BOARD Nordic Academy


© 2015-2022 by INSEAD
Alumni Association Norway

Compact program, building very nicely on top of the IN-BOARD sessions in the countries…’  

Compact program, building very nicely on top of the IN-BOARD sessions in the countries…’  

The usual INSEAD success formula - group dynamics, quality of professors, mix coaching and experience sharing as well as frameworks. The Professors were both absolutely excellent – very well done to pull this together .

Interesting and credible professors. Group coach was very professional and capable.

Refreshingly different approach to other Board courses with INSEAD setting and social aspect

The program provided me good insights on how to act as an NED. The variety of some theory combined with participant discussions added much value to the programme. Key strengths are Erik and Jaap who passionately drove the programme. Their experience and knowledge are real added value...

The board is not a black box for me anymore. The Matrix Board interaction and the GPS provide me insights how to act as an NED. The ... human aspect was also an eye opener for me.

Compact program, building very nicely on top of the IN-BOARD sessions in the countries…’  

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