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Stimulating knowledge sharing and effective behaviour

All IN-BOARD members have participated in a programme of 4 modules, preparing them for the duties and responsibilities of supervisory and advisory boards. This programme was developed in close cooperation with INSEAD and other partners.

  • Ludo van der Heyden, The INSEAD Chaired Professor of Corporate Governance Bio

  • Jaap Winter, President executive board at VU Amsterdam, professor international Corporate Law UvA Bio

  • Erik van de Loo, affiliate  professor Organisational Behaviour at and Bio


Each module is organised in cooperation with one of our partners directly involved in governance.

Module 1

Strategy with McKinsey in Oslo

  • The role of the board in strategy development

  • Deep dive into digital strategy

  • Toward an effective, forward-looking board

  • Live case study discussions with current board chairs, members

Ten timeless tests of strategy

Friday 30th and Saturday 31st August 2019

Module 2

An in depth review of legal issues with PwC in Oslo

  • Board's role and responsibility

  • Annual general meetings and possible stumbling blocks

  • Corporate governance in quoted, limited liability, and private companies (ASA, AS and ANS)

  • Financial statements, auditor reports and audit committee

  • Regulation and compliance, especially related to fraud, corruption and other criminal matters

  • Requirements and expectations toward public entities

Compliance management and best practices of control & audit with PwC

  • Acceptance of the board appointment

  • Internal control and risk management, including anti-fraud and anti-corruption

  • Financial reporting and the role of the board and audit committee

  • Dialogue with the external auditor

  • Tax planning and the board's role

  • Board self-assessment

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September 2019

Module 3

Human resource perspectives with Horton International in Oslo

  • CEO succession and studies

  • Board Assessments: Instrumentation, governance; forms of cooperation

  • Selection and qualification for supervisory and advisory boards

Communication – risk, crisis and reputation

  • How to manage risk, and reputation

  • Board member positioning

  • Stakeholder relations

  • Crisis communication

Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October

Module 4

Leadership at INSEAD Fontainebleau

A 3-day programme on group interaction and personal effectiveness on the campus in Fontainbleau,

under the leadership of Prof. Erik van de Loo and Prof. Jaap Winter.

  • Board role and performance

  • Group and board dynamics

  • INSEAD personal 360 degree feedback survey

  • Group coaching and inter-personal competencies

27th-30th or 28th-1st November/December, with welcoming dinner on 26th and 27th


Participation is limited and applications for the first three workshops in Oslo close 30th June 2019.
The application deadline for the 4th workshop in Fontainebleau will be 15th September 2019. 

Participation is open to INSEAD alumni with management experience and operating in the Nordics and Baltics. 

With the support of INSEAD Alumni Association of Norway (IAAN) and partner companies, the cost of the academy is EUR 990 for the first 3 workshops in Oslo. The session at INSEAD in Fontainebleau is an additional EUR 4,300, which is optional. Participants are responsible for own travel and accommodation costs. IN-BOARD is a non-profit initiative for IAAN. 



Wendy at inboard@insead.no

Programme flyer for print or download

Link to file

Some of the many previous speakers and faculty include

  • Fridthjof Lund, Global Leader McKinsey Board Services and Partner, McKinsey

  • Eli Moe-Helgesen, Partner, PwC

  • Signe Moen, Partner, PwC

  • Per Høiby, CEO of First House

  • Tone Lunde Bakker, General Manager of Swedbank Norway & Head of Nominations Committee and Corporate Assembly, Equinor

  • Inge K. Hansen, Chairman of Gjensidige, former CEO of Aker Kvaerner and many other notable board and leader positions with Norsun, Bertel O. Steen, Statoil, Avinor, Nets, Arctic Securities, Orkla Finans, Troms Kraft, Point Resources, Hotel Continental.

  • Bjørn Ågotnes, Managing partner, Horton International

  • Prof. Erik van de Loo, INSEAD

  • Prof. Jaap W. Winter, INSEAD

List of 2019 speakers will be published in the near future