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IN-BOARD Nordic Academy 2022

The IN-BOARD Academy aims to strengthen leaders for current and future board roles through learning and sharing of knowledge and experience. IN-BOARD is a forum of experienced peers and expert partners and speakers.  

The 2022 workshops sessions are: 

Workshop 1: Legal, Strategy & Board Practitioners

Partners: McKinsey, Schjødt, and Board Practitioners

Date and time: 12:00 Aug 26 - 13:00 Aug 27

Location: McKinsey office, Oslo

This year's speakers and workshop leaders include:

  • Birger Magnus - Chair of Boards (NRK, Harvard Business Publishing, Working Group Two AS - a JV between Cisco and Telenor ASA); former roles include the Chair of Storebrand ASA, Chair of Hafslund ASA, Chair of Statoil Fuel and Retail ASA, Vice Chair, Non-Executive Director of Aschehoug A/S publishing house and a Board member of Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) AB, among other executive leadership roles.

  • Sverre Fjeldstad, Partner, McKinsey​​

  • A team eam of top leaders from the McKinsey team

  • Susanne Hannestad, CEO of Fintech Mundi

  • Kristin Skogen Lund (speaker at the INSEAD Summer Party), CEO of Schibsted & Norwegian business leader


Workshop 2: Corporate Governance

Partner: PwC

Date and time: 12:00 Sep 23 - 13:00 Sep 24

Location: Pwc office, Oslo

This year's speakers and workshop leaders include: 

  • Eli Moe-Helgesen, Partner, PwC

  • Signe Moen, Partner, PwC

  • Fredrik Melle, Director, PwC

  • A team of top partners and advisors from the PwC corporate governance team 

  • Liselotte Engstam, Ms Engstam serves as Non-Executive Chair and Board Director at four listed companies (TietoEvry, Zalaris, Transtema Group, and Cint Group), at two private companies (Ografy and BoardClic), and as
    a board member at the Climate Governance Initiative in collaboration with World Economic Forum,
    and as Chair of the Nordic Chapter; Boards Impact Forum. Ms Engstam has a Master of Science in Engineering and Sustainability, and is a certified international board director IDP-C from INSEAD. She is a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School. Ms Engstam was 2021 appointed one of the top 100 globally in Modern Corporate

Workshop 3: Human Resources, Crisis Management & Communication 

Partners: BackerSkeie, First House, and Board Practitioners 

Data and time: 12:00 Oct 21 - 13:00 Oct 22

Location: Grand Hotel, Oslo

Previous year's speakers and workshop leaders include: 

  • Jon Erling Tenvik, Partner from BackerSkeie, Executive Search ​

  • Per Høiby, CEO of First House, a communications advisory firm for the private and public sectors

  • Others to be announced.

​Workshop 4: Leadership and Human Factors on the Board at INSEAD Fontainebleau, France with IN-BOARD groups from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Nordics. Led by professors:

  • Erik van de Loo, Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, where he is Program Co-Director of “Consulting and Coaching for Change” at the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre.

  • Jaap Winter, Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at INSEAD and Professor of Corporate Governance at the Duisenberg school of finance in Amsterdam 

Date and time: Nov 30 - Dec 03 or Dec 01-04

Location: Fontainebleau, France

The program will focus on boards in the Nordics, Baltics, Russia, and internationally. Content will be delivered in English.

The sessions will be held in-person.

Knowledge Partners:














Venue: Grand Hotel, Oslo and McKinsey & Company and PwC Offices in Oslo














Participation will include tickets to the INSEAD Summer Party 2022 at Vøienvolden Gård on Friday, August 26. Enjoy a charming Oslo summer evening with great food, wine, and fellow INSEAD friends and alumni.







We are building a stronger foundation for INSEAD executives who desire to take on greater responsibilities on boards in the Nordics and internationally.


Participation fees: 

  • EUR 1,490 (NOK 15,000) for the first 3 Workshops in Oslo

  • Additional EUR 4,300 for Workshop 4 at INSEAD

  • Participants may sign up for Workshops 1 to 3 initially and secure a place in Workshop 4 in the autumn

  • Participants are responsible for personal travel and accommodation costs

  • The IN-BOARD is a non-profit initiative

Registration deadlines: 

  • 31 July 2022 for Workshops 1-3

  • 15 September 2022 for Workshop 4

  • Limited spaces available

To register, please contact Wendy Lam and Diego Bergheim by email through inboard@insead.no.

Best regards,

The IN-BOARD Nordic Academy




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Compact program, building very nicely on top of the IN-BOARD sessions in the countries…’  

Compact program, building very nicely on top of the IN-BOARD sessions in the countries…’  

The usual INSEAD success formula - group dynamics, quality of professors, mix coaching and experience sharing as well as frameworks. The Professors were both absolutely excellent – very well done to pull this together .

Interesting and credible professors. Group coach was very professional and capable.

Refreshingly different approach to other Board courses with INSEAD setting and social aspect

The program provided me good insights on how to act as an NED. The variety of some theory combined with participant discussions added much value to the programme. Key strengths are Erik and Jaap who passionately drove the programme. Their experience and knowledge are real added value...

The board is not a black box for me anymore. The Matrix Board interaction and the GPS provide me insights how to act as an NED. The ... human aspect was also an eye opener for me.

Compact program, building very nicely on top of the IN-BOARD sessions in the countries…’